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Estate Administration

Being named the personal representative—or executor, as it is often referred to in some states—of a deceased individual’s estate carries tremendous responsibilities. Among other things, the personal representative is the one who oversees the decedent’s property as it passes through the probate process and eventually into the hands of the beneficiaries. Unless the estate is very small or the personal representative is the sole beneficiary, he or she must retain the services of an estate administration attorney to assist with probate, unless one is designated in the will. Estate planning attorney H. Kyle Fletcher of Orange County’s Fletcher Law Firm, P.A. works with personal representatives to ensure the estates of decedents are executed in accordance with their wishes. Call our Orlando office to schedule an initial consultation.

Estate Administration in the State of Florida

Even when there is a will in place, Florida law requires an estate administration lawyer in most cases. With that stated, it is usually to all beneficiaries’ mutual advantage to have a legal professional to help guide the parties through the probate process, which can be complicated and intimidating to the uninitiated. When there is a will, probate involves the tallying of the probate assets—those items solely owned by the testator of the will; the repayment of all outstanding claims against the estate; the determination of the beneficiaries; the division of assets; and eventually, the closing of the estate. Estate planning attorney H. Kyle Fletcher administers all phases of the probate process for his clients.

Role of the Personal Representative in the Probate Process

Estate planning attorney H. Kyle Fletcher assists personal representatives in carrying out their legal duties. These include:

  • Tallying the Estate Assets
  • Posting  Notice to all Potential Creditors in a Local Newspaper
  • Serving a “Notice of Administration”
  • Perform a Search of Creditors and Notify Them of Estate Administration
  • Defend the Estate Against Improper Claims and Pay Legitimate Ones
  • Pay Estate and Probate Taxes
  • Distribute Assets
  • Close the Estate

To receive the assistance every personal representative requires for the proper administration of an estate, contact Attorney H. Kyle Fletcher at 407-986-4196.