Securities Fraud

The Fletcher Law Firm, P.A. represents bankers, financial analysts and individual investors who have been arrested or are under investigation in the State of Florida for securities fraud. In the current political environment, there has been increased scrutiny into the investment practices of both individuals and organizations that exchange stocks, commodities, bonds, and other financial instruments. Consequently, it is far easier these days to become the subject of a federal securities fraud investigation, even if you have done nothing wrong. If you have been arrested for securities fraud, or you are aware that you or your firm is under investigation, call the Fletcher Law Firm. Attorney H. Kyle Fletcher has earned his reputation as a formidable criminal defense lawyer by defending those accused of white-collar crimes. Contact our Orlando office immediately to schedule an initial consultation.

Federal Security Crimes in the State of Florida

As a criminal defense attorney, H. Kyle Fletcher has successfully represented scores of professionals in the US Middle District Court and other federal criminal justice venues. He has also assisted clients, who are aware that they are the targets of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) probes, but have not been formally charged. Some of the cases Attorney Fletcher handles involve:

  • Trading Unregistered Securities
  • Falsifying Documents Filed With the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Utilizing Communications With the Intent to Defraud or Mislead
  • Accounting Fraud

If you are charged with a securities crime you could be facing federal prison, fines, loss or suspension of your securities license, and be open to civil law suits. It’s important you retain the services of a qualified securities fraud defense lawyer at your first opportunity. Contact our law office at 407-986-4196 to discuss your options.