Mortgage Fraud

Did you invest in the housing bubble throughout the past decade only to discover you inadvertently became an unwitting part of a mortgage fraud conspiracy? You are not alone. For years there was rich opportunity for lucrative land deals near Orlando, throughout Florida and across the nation. Unfortunately, it was also a period during which investors were taken advantage of and, as a result, exposed to potential criminal indictment. If you’ve found yourself a target of a grand jury inquiry or federal investigation, it is important to retain a proven and experienced lawyer. Call the Fletcher Law Firm, our clients are our first priority.

Act in Your Best Defense

Do not wait until charges have been filed to get strong representation. As your legal representative, we can help guide you through an investigation and work early and quickly to establish your defense and perhaps prevent criminal charges altogether.

Our office provides close personal counsel that builds custom strategies based on the unique circumstances of your case. We have a record of proven trial experience and can handle complex issues and accusations of real estate fraud or inflated property value. Our attorney offers 24/7 support for clients and an unwavering focus on providing professional and personalized counsel.

We understand how dramatically a federal investigation, criminal charge or conviction can impact your life it is why we make your case a priority from the moment you walk into our office. Let us put our resources, knowledge and proven record to work for you.

Get the Legal Defense You Need

We are a recognized and respected Florida law firm, experienced in handling complex federal cases. Whether you are being investigated for mortgage fraud or you have been charged with a state or federal crime, our office can help you establish a strong defense and make your case in court. Contact our office online or by phone today at 407-986-4196.