Money Laundering

The FBI is cracking down on those suspected of money laundering because they allege this activity supports acts of terrorism. Because of this, more individuals are facing charges and prosecutors are doing everything they can to get speedy convictions.

If you have moved money through the financial system or paid an individual with money you supposedly gained by illegal means, you could face a Florida State or federal money laundering charge. This charge, usually classified as a white collar crime, can carry significant penalties, jail time and can include the forfeiture of funds, property, and fines. Money laundering can also be considered a violation of the Patriot Act.

If you are the subject of any money laundering investigation, you need an aggressive defense attorney with exemplary legal knowledge and an excellent record of successes. At the Fletcher Law Firm, Attorney Fletcher represents clients in the Orlando area and across Central Florida in state and federal criminal money laundering and white collar crime cases. These cases include illegal wire transfers, embezzlement schemes, fraud, and other illegal transactions.

Recent United States Supreme Court rulings concerning money laundering (particularly the United States v. Santos) have seriously impacted how the government can prosecute charges and have forced the courts to consider the profits and proceeds when trying a case. Mr. Fletcher is an experienced trial attorney who has attained excellent results in federal cases because of his unwavering commitment to his clients and knowledge of the law.

At the Fletcher Law Firm, we study the latest rulings in detail in order to be fully prepared to use relevant changes laws and law interpretation on a client’s behalf. With significant resources and the commitment to work for you 24/7, the Fletcher Law Firm has excellent, trustworthy legal counsel available when you need it most.

Since any charge of money laundering is commonly associated with RICO and federal racketeering prosecutions or fraud, it takes scrupulous attention to detail to refute the accusations. Even if you are not actually charged with a crime yet, the sooner you put the right lawyer on your side, the more effective that attorney will be in defending your case or preventing charges from ever being filed.

If you are the target of a grand jury inquiry, a federal investigation, or a state or federal criminal complaint for money laundering, you need the kind of reliable and knowledgeable legal counsel that our firm works around the clock to provide. Get the information you need about your case. Call 407-986-4196 or contact us online today to schedule a case review.