Juvenile Law

When a child is taken into custody by the police, most parents will stop at nothing to come to their aid. At the Fletcher Law Firm, we understand this and we realize how difficult it can be for your family. We know you will have concerns, regarding the arrest, the subsequent legal process and how it will affect your child’s future. Your child has Constitutional rights and a presumption of innocence, which needs to be zealously protected. However, sometimes being arrested as a juvenile can be a good thing, as it presents an opportunity for a parent(s) to get their child away from the wrong crowd and back on the right track, by utilizing Juvenile sanctions and Judicial oversight as a form of discipline.

No parent wants their child to move on to more serious crimes. Truancy is by far the number one indicator of a future life of crime.  Attorney H. Kyle Fletcher was once the Senior Attorney for the Department of Juvenile Justice for all of Central Florida. He has taken on more juvenile criminal cases than almost any other Florida lawyer.

It is a mistake to assume that just because a crime is charged to a juvenile a conviction won’t have lasting consequences. If your child is accused of a crime, any legal action against them can carry penalties and results every bit as serious as an adult charge. The Florida State attorney has the option to prosecuted children under age 18, as an adult for serious charges.

Fortunately, there are pathways through the juvenile court system that utilize alternative or treatment options, instead of severe criminal penalties. The juvenile process can abound in opportunities for your child to avoid significant and lasting consequences, which can affect their future education, employment, and criminal record. However, being able to take advantage of these opportunities requires a lawyer with proven experience and a deep understanding of Juvenile Law.

At the Fletcher Law Firm in Oviedo and Altamonte Springs, we represent juvenile clients and their families throughout Orlando and Central Florida. Call us today at 407-986-4196, if your child has been arrested or if you have an ungovernable child, Attorney Fletcher will be happy to discuss your case and assist your family with available options and in developing the best strategy to protect your child and their future.