False Identification & Fake IDs

Although obtaining a fake identification in Florida is considered fairly easy to do, many people do not realize that if you are caught trying to use a fake ID, you face some very serious consequences. Those charged with using a fake ID can receive a 3rd-degree felony conviction, which carries a maximum punishment of up to five years in prison and a $5000 fine.

According to Florida law, it is illegal to make, sell, or possess a false identification card. While the use of fake IDs in Florida is relatively common, the ID will usually be confiscated by the bouncer or security of the bar or nightclub that an underage person is trying to gain access to. However, if the patron refuses to leave or argues with the staff of the establishment, he will likely be charged with possessing a fake ID and possibly also with trespassing or some other minor offense.

Fake ID Charges Are Serious

Most people who face allegations of possession of a fake ID are those with no previous criminal history – young people who are not knowledgeable about the legal system and have no idea that attempting to pass a fake ID in Florida is a felony. Attorney H. Kyle Fletcher of the Fletcher Law Firm is experienced in False Identification law and can advise you of your rights and options. We have represented many underage individuals in the greater Orlando area. The Fletcher Law Firm will work to minimize the penalties you may be facing.

Are You Facing a Felony Fake Id Charge in Florida?

Getting caught trying to use false identification can have a serious impact on your life, now and in the future. The Fletcher Law Firm will fight for your rights and attempt to reduce the charges. Call us at 407-986-4196 or contact us online today – your initial consultation is free.