History has always been one of my biggest fascinations. As a kid, I loved taking history classes and learning all there was to know about world politics, past wars, American presidents, and any other knowledge I could get my hands on. I looked at the way things progressed over time and couldn’t help but feel inspired by the people who forged major changes in the evolution of society.

As I learned more about our nation’s past, in particular, I grew to idolize several historical figures — namely those who contributed to the United States Constitution. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, James Madison — they were all extremely smart, ambitious, and forward-thinking members of their times. I knew I could find a way to put my own intellect and drive to good use, just as they did.

As I looked around my small Virginia town for inspiration, there seemed to only be two people who fit the bill for my aspirations — our town’s two lawyers. I was a kid at the time, so I never actually got to meet them, but I had a certain idea in my mind that they were a lot like my historical idols. After all, they were widely respected and known for their intelligence. Once I got older and actually met a few attorneys, I realized that a lot of them were no James Madison. Funnily enough, though, that discovery only pushed me farther toward law school. I wasn’t intimidated by my future competition, and I was ready to start making my impact on the world.

My work is about getting justice for those facing adversity. A tough opponent isn’t going to slow me down or scare me away.

How I’ve Made My Impact

After I took the plunge and became an attorney, I started exploring various legal fields so that I could find my niche — the best way for me to help my clients. First, I worked as a general practitioner in South Florida, handling criminal, divorce, personal injury, and guardianship cases. Next, I moved up to Central Florida and worked as a senior attorney for the Department of Juvenile Justice. During my time in that role, I was able to help keep approximately two thousand families out of the dependency/juvenile system and help implement the CINS-FINS (Children in Need of Services, Families in Need of Services) program.

The work I had done up to that point in my career was extremely rewarding, but I realized that I didn’t need to “find my niche” after all. Rather than limiting myself to a single practice area, I realized that I could help more people with a wider variety of legal problems that needed to be addressed. And as I saw it, who better to address those needs than an attorney who’s truly on their side?

The result of this thinking is the practice I run today. Since its inception, I’ve fought on behalf of clients facing criminal charges across the board, divorces, child custody matters, guardianship disputes, injuries in and out of the workplace, and so much more. I may not be writing the Constitution, but I like to think that I’m still making a difference.

Bar Admissions

  • Florida
  • Tennessee
  • US Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit
  • United States District Courts for the Middle and Southern Districts of Florida

Professional Associations & Memberships

  • Federal Bar Association - active member
  • Seminole County Bar Association - active member
  • Orange County Bar Association - active member