Selecting the Right Representative for Guardianship

If you are the parent or family member, who is the responsible caregiver of an adult living with a mental or physical disability, you know how challenging managing their care and day-to-day life can become. In fact, you know most of those in your circle of family and friends realize their own limitations to follow in your footsteps.

Without question, the responsibility or caregiving is one of love, respect and dedication. At the Fletcher Law Firm, we understand this and one of the legal services Attorney H. Kyle Fletcher provides is Guardianship. Guardianship services are designed to help family’s plan for their succession, providing peace of mind that the right person becomes their loved one’s legal guardian should you become deceased or incapacitated.

If you are a caregiver struggling to find the time to travel to an attorney’s office, call the Fletcher Law Firm. We are happy to schedule an appointment for Mr. Fletcher to provide a free consultation at your location to discuss the laws and procedures for a will and power-of-attorney agreement; and how these legal documents will ensure your wishes are honored for the ongoing care of your loved one. Call 407.971.4727 today to schedule an appointment.

In many respects, the guardianship of a disabled adult parallels that of a minor child. If the disabled adult requires full-time care and lacks the competence to make decisions, he or she will require a guardian to step into your shoes if you are suddenly unable to handle the responsibility. With this in mind, it is recommended you have a guardianship clause inserted into your will that designates a chain of succession. If you die, the responsibility for your disabled adult child or family member would pass to that person.

In addition to the guardianship clause, attorney Fletcher also recommends a power-of-attorney agreement that would activate if you were rendered mentally or physically incapacitated, but were still alive. The power-of-attorney agreement would be deactivated if and when you could resume your role as primary caregiver. You can also change the agreement to appoint a different designee or cancel entirely, as long as you are nor deemed mentally or physically incapacitated to make such changes.

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If you are the primary caregiver for a mentally disabled or physically incapacitated adult, you have the responsibility of making certain there is someone else to step in and assume your duties, if necessary. Estate planning attorney, H. Kyle Fletcher, can make certain you have covered all contingencies and your decisions are backed by legally binding documents.

To schedule an appointment with one of Central Florida’s top estate planning lawyer to discuss your primary caregiver needs, call the law office of the Fletcher Law Firm at 407.971.4727.

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